Save money in your homeschool budget.

The year 2020 is the year of unpredictable change. Families who have homeschooled for years had major changes to their lives. Families who children attend traditional school were all of sudden made to stay home and start distance learning. We didn’t see these changes coming at all. No school, no library, no field trips, noContinue reading “Save money in your homeschool budget.”

Your Thoughts On…

Get your preteen or teenager engaged in writing. Click on the link below to download this journal which includes 21 days of expressive writing. For the next 21 days, your child/student will create a habit and a love for expressing themselves in their writing. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Avoid Homeschool Burnout

This course is for the Homeschool Parent who needs to understand what essentials are needed to have a impactful, enjoyable, fun-filled and educational Homeschool Journey for both parent and child. This is for those homeschoolers who are committed to their child’s happiness and their education. CLICK HERE TO JOIN SAUCY HOMESCHOOL TRIBE